Wearing the QWSTION daypack

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

When it comes to menswear, I believe the options on accessorizing are kind of limited. Because of this, I believe it is essential to have a good bag. Usually I go for nice leather totes, but sometimes these are not the most practical.

Right now I am on the last day on my trip to Berlin – I am visiting the city with my mother and sister – and in a city like Berlin a backpack comes to very good use. Recently I received this QWSTION bag and so far I have been enjoying it very much.

As you can see on these photos, I am using it as a backpack at the moment. However, this bag can be worn in three different ways, which I believe is the most exciting part! Perfect for someone that does not always enjoys wearing backpacks, but still wants to use a bag in a practical way every now and then. Can’t wait to experience the other ways of wearing the bag. Pretty amazing, huh?

I was wearing the QWSTION daypack in washed black.

Pictures by Lisa Steur.