Editor's Letter

Column: More than just a Man Repeller

Thursday, March 28th, 2013

Sometimes I’m just thinking about something I really want to share, but never really do since I think it doesn’t ‘fit’ my blog, but that doesn’t make any sense since this blog should be around what I like, what I find good and where I find my inspiration, so here’s a little different post.

My blog probably isn’t the only blog you’re reading – I’d be so flattered, but come on, admit it – but if you’ve never heard of Leandra Medine and think you’ve find your favourites in the blogging world, think again.

Man Repeller
I remember starting my blog in September 2011. After reading so much incredible fashion blogs, I thought it was time to do something with my passion for fashion – ouch, that sounds so cheesy – and one of these incredible blogs was Man Repeller.

Extremely funny
Now let me try to explain to you what I love about this blog so much. Seeing Leandra’s photos and reading her blog posts just makes me laugh. But don’t think she doesn’t know what she’s talking about! She knows how to mix her very funny words and big knowledge of fashion like no other can!

Above all, she’s human. She’s definitely not embarressed to tell you about her real life, what’s really going on behind her perfect outfits and great fashion adventures. No story is too crazy for Leandra, and that’s the thing that gives her blog so much personality.

Visit Man Repeller over here.